Business Licensing

All businesses operating in Evergreen Park must obtain a license from the Village before the business opens. 

Procedure for Business License Application:

  1. Identify a location for the business. If the space is to be leased, it is recommended that the lease be contingent upon the Board approving the business license application.
  2. Complete the application in its entirety. The applicant may contact the Mayor's office with any questions regarding the application at 708-229-8212.
  3. Once completed, submit the application to the Mayor's office for review. The Mayor may call the applicant with any questions or concerns regarding the application or may request a meeting with the applicant.
  4. After review, the application will be brought before the Board of Trustees meeting for approval. The Mayor will request the applicant attend the board meeting in order to answer any questions the Board may have regarding the application. The Board meets the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. (if Monday is a holiday, the Board will meet on Tuesday, the day after the holiday).
  5. If the Board approves the application, the applicant will need to contact the Building Department at 708-229-3333 in order to schedule an inspection prior to the license being issued and prior to the business opening.
  6. A fee will be assessed based on square footage. Additional fees will be assessed for some categories; hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, restaurants, etc., depending upon the number of chairs, seating, and health inspections required. The business license CAN NOT be issued until the Building Department issues a clear inspection report and license fees are paid.

Business Licensing Applications