When is garbage picked up, and what is acceptable for pick up?
Pickup days are by quadrant. The schedule is as follows:
  • Southeast Quadrant - Monday

  • Northwest Quadrant - Tuesday

  • Northeast Quadrant - Wednesday

  • Southwest Quadrant - Thursday

Garbage and refuse containers are to be put out at the curb not earlier than 6:00 pm the day preceding collection day. Please remove empty containers to their normal place of storage by 8:00 pm the day of collection.
Please note the six holidays of the year that Waste Management observes:
New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day
Trash pickup will be delayed by one day following the holiday (normal Tuesday pickup will be on Wednesday, etc.)

The village will pick up brush and tree debris when placed at the curb on your regularly scheduled garbage day. Brush pickup is limited to large tree branches, shrubs, and bushes that will not fit in the regular yard waste container. A fee may be charged for any excessive amounts of debris removed. During the months of May and September, the village provides free brush pickup. This does not include whole trees removed by residents.

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