Mayor's Office

sexton.jpgIt is hard to believe that we are almost into 2018. As the Mayor, I continue to proudly serve one of the finest villages comprised of the most wonderful people one could meet. Together we continue to meet the economic challenges and are committed to the growth of our Village. As the economic climate struggles to correct itself, I can proudly say that with much hard work and sacrifice, our Village has remained fiscally responsible. None of us have gone without making sacrifices and the Village Administration is no different. I am proud of how our employees have risen to the occasion and continue to provide our residents with all the necessary services.

Together we enjoy many events throughout the year enhancing our community spirit. We look forward to our joyous Christmas season with events geared towards the family. Our 50-Acre Park is open at 91st and California with the Dog Park and Agricultural Barn. Stop by and say hello to our horses Turk and Jack; and our goats, Clark and Addison. As soon as the snow falls, that historic sledding hill will be ready for you.

We are also looking forward to the completion of the Evergreen Plaza revitalization; many of the stores are open now with more on the way. A little further north, our Evergreen Marketplace is thriving with Menards and Meijers and a vast array of establishments to fill your needs. .. not to mention the Krispy Kreme to tease our sweet tooth. Please support all of our stores in Evergreen Park, up and down 95th Street and north and south along Kedzie Avenue.

My door remains open for any questions or ideas you may have. I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2018. As always, "Keep the Green in Evergreen".

Honored to Serve, 

James J. Sexton

(708) 422-1551