Emergency Operations

September is National Preparedness Month

During September, the Village of Evergreen Park joins the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Preparedness Coalition in urging residents to take some simple steps to make their families better prepared for emergencies including;

  • Get a kit - Get a kit of emergency supplies that will allow your family to survive without assistance for at least three days in the event of an emergency. The kit should include basic items like water, food, battery-powered radio, flashlight, and first-aid kit.
  • Make a plan - Plan in advance what you and your family will do in an emergency. You should include a communication plan and address of sheltering-in place, as well as evacuation from your home.
  • Be informed - Learn more about the different natural and man-made emergencies and disasters that may affect the community and the appropriate responses to them.

For further information check-out the following webpages.


The Office of Emergency Preparedness is responsible for coordinating all village departments and activities during times of emergency. We believe an educated population is a key ingredient to having a successful emergency management program. Throughout the year, the village receives information from various county, state, and federal agencies regarding emergency preparedness. It is our hope that the residents of the village will visit this site to obtain the most up to date information available to make our community a safer place to live.

In addition to this website, information is provided from time to time to residents through press releases to the news media and announcements posted on the village cable access channel.