Mark Phelan

Mr. Phelan has been a Trustee for Evergreen Park since 2001. He and his wife Judy are life long residents of the Village. They both attended Evergreen Park High School. He is the father of four children: Kelly, Luke, Meghan, and Jennifer.. He is a carpenter and a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenter'markphelanbw.jpgs Local #54.

His duties as Trustee is chairman of the Public Works Committee, under the direction of William Lorenz (Public Works Director), Gavin Yeaman (Deputy Director of Public Works Street and Parks), Michael Knieps (Deputy Director of Public Works Sewer and Water), and William Green (Parks Foreman). As Chairman of Public Works, he has an inside view of how so much is done for the citizens of Evergreen Park. He is proud of all the great people who work so hard for Evergreen Park residents; e.g. snow removal, street cleaning, trees trimmed, water and sewer services.

Evergreen Park is truly the village that works for you. He also serves on the Zoning and Development Committee and the Laws/Ordinances/Building/Property Maintenance Committee.