Waste and Recycle Carts Emptied Every Week!

Trash, recycling and yard waste pickup in the Village is contracted to Waste Management.

Waste and Recycling Carts are emptied every week!

Waste Management is aware that you may have some extra trash in these times of the StayAtHome order.  If your normal trash exceeds the space available in your blue bin, you may set waste bags in front of your blue bin.  However. .. they must be the heavyweight plastic bags and securely tied.  Please try to keep it to no more than two bags, if possible.

Also.. . .bulk furniture pickup is suspended for a few weeks so that the drivers can concentration on the heavier amount of normal trash.
However, if you have some things of which that you absolutely need to dispose, we can offer you a list of the scrappers who are licensed to work in Evergreen Park:

Javier Bustos (773-517-2015)
Cal Jagus (312-778-9433)
Margarito Rodriguez  (708-261-3332)
Concepcion Rodriguez  (708-904-9537)
Jesus Perez (708-743-4902)

Bulk/Leaf Pickup is tentatively scheduled to begin during the week of April 6;  we will update you if this changes.

Pickup Days By Area
- Southeast Quadrant
Tuesday - Northwest Quadrant
Wednesday - Northeast Quadrant
Thursday - Southwest Quadrant

Lost or Stolen Can
If any of your waste cans (Waste, Recycling or Yardwaste) turns up missing, please fill out this online form. The lost/stolen cart will be replaced within five business days from the notification date. Report Your Stolen Cart Here.

If any of your trash cans (trash, recycling or yard waste) gets a broken wheel, simply call Waste Management at (800) 964-8988. Confused about what to Recycle? Read Waste Management’s Handy Pamphlet!

Please note that recycling is not REQUIRED by the Village; it is an option available to you. If, after compacting your recycling in the container as best you can, you find that you need more than one recycling bin, they are available from Waste Management (not the Village of Evergreen Park) for a charge of $3 per month.  Again, call (800) 964-8988.

Please note that there is no pickup on six holidays:
New Years Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Christmas Day

In those instances, pickup will be delayed ONE day that week. We will remind you of that in our weekly E-Newsletter blasts.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (708) 422-1562

 E-Waste and Hazardous Household Waste

Changes are happening with Waste Management. Now you can contact Waste Management directly to have them pick up your electronics and hazardous chemicals AT YOUR DOORSTEP! So much easier. . . Check Out How To Do It