Evergreen Park Recreation Department Candlelight Theatre


The Evergreen Park Candlelight Theatre is a community activity brought to you by the Evergreen Park Recreation Department.

 We are very thankful for the support of the Village Administration, Departments, Staff,  as well as our corporate sponsors for their financial help with each production, which keeps the ticket costs down to a level that is FAMILY-AFFORDABLE with plays and musicals that are FAMILY-FRIENDLY. (So please. . .support your local Evergreen Park businesses).

Auditions, rehearsals and performances of the Evergreen Park Candlelight Theatre take place in the Evergreen Park Senior Center, 9547 S. Homan Avenue.

On the performance dates, we have a mix of small banquet tables and row seating, which make up a very intimate theatre experience. The Evergreen Park Candlelight Theatre Program is a community theatre, providing an outlet for local talent of all ages. Tickets for all productions are available in advance at the Community Center, 3450 W. 97th Street.


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(for more information, please feel free to email us at eptheatre@yahoo.com


Candlelight Radio Theatre Card R  02

A weekly series of audio podcasts featuring music, comedy, drama, thrills and suspense.
Available on this website every Monday night beginning February 7.

EPISODE ONE - A recreation of an episode of "THE INNER SANCTUM". Chills, thrills and melodrama!
EPISODE TWO - A program of music and comedy! Great songs and classic comedy sketches.
EPISODE THREE - A recreation of the classic "SUSPENSE" episode, "The Hitchhiker"
EPISODE FOUR - A recreation of a classic episode of "BLONDIE". Valentines Day fun!
EPISODE FIVE - Another program of music and comedy! "Baby Snooks" and "Hound of the Baskervilles" satire
EPISODE SIX - Mystery and suspense as we bring you an episode of "THE WHISTLER"
EPISODE SEVEN - Lucille Fletcher's classic thriller, "SORRY WRONG NUMBER"
EPISODE EIGHT - A Ray Bradbury classic from "Suspense". We bring you "THE SCREAMING WOMAN"