2020 Tree Program

Communitrees Partner Program

The Village of Evergreen Park is going GREEN and announcing a new program to plant trees right here in our community.

We are joining with local partners Spring Grove Nursery AND iTrees.com to offer residents of Evergreen Park a convenient way to beautify our local landscape.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Shop for trees at www.iTrees.com. You can select trees for your parkway or private property and purchase them directly online. (Make sure to use the discount code EVERGREENPARK to receive a 10% discount on your purchase). You can choose from a diverse and superior selection of locally grown trees, and include options for either delivery or full service planting. *Please note, only Shade Trees are allowed to be planted in parkways, so please choose a Shade Tree option if your tree will be planted in the parkway. The Village will have the final approval on all varieties and planting locations in parkways. Private property plantings are at the resident's discretion.
  2. Soon after your purchase, your locally grown tree will be planted or delivered by iTrees.com professionals.
  3. In addition to the iTrees.com discounts for residents, Spring Grove Nursery will also offer free trees to the Village. For every ten trees purchased by residents through this program, the Village will earn a free tree, which will be planted in our community along streets and in parks.
  4. Finally, enjoy the benefits of our newly planted trees - it's that easy!

Contact iTrees!

We invite you to join us and leave a Green Legacy in our community to be enjoyed for future generations.

To get started, visit www.iTrees.com today, or call (815) 448-2138
For a little more information on the social, economic and environmental benefits that trees bring to our community, click here!