Animal Control

Application for License

Application for License (PDF)

  • Village Code Sec 4-3 requires that all cats and dogs be licensed.
  • Licenses expire each year on May 31

How To Apply

  • Bring the following to the Evergreen Park Village Hall, 9418 South Kedzie Avenue
    • A Completed Application
    • Current Rabies Certificate
    • $5.00 (Cost of the license.  We accept cash, check or debit/credit) 
  • All animals must be kept on your own property or on a leash (Sec 4-5 Municipal code).

Critter Control

Please note that, in many instances, "Critter Control" is something that can be done by the resident by following some simple steps;

  • Keeping your yard well-maintained
  • Closing off "open" areas underneath decks, patios, etc
  • Make sure all holes in garages/sheds are sealed off

If you have a squirrel, opussum, raccoon or rat issue, contact the Village at (708) 422-1551

The State of Illinois has modified its laws regarding fur-bearing animals.  They are all protected and can only be trapped by a licensed trapper.

If a wildlife animal is in your home, attic or garage. . .call a wildlife expert.  We suggest Guardian Pest Control at (708) 333-7378.

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