What is the village policy for waste containers?
Each homeowner has been given a 96 or 65-gallon blue garbage container; a 96-gallon green yard waste container; and a 96-gallon green/blue container for use at no charge. Please note that garbage pickup is Monday through Thursday only.

The blue container is for household garbage only. Do not place building materials, yard waste, large boxes, or branches in the container. This blue container is equivalent to three 33 gallon containers. A 65-gallon container is available for smaller households. Should a resident require a second container, please call Waste Management directly at (800) 964-8988. The additional container is at a cost of $3 per container per month.

The green container is for yard waste only. Only grass clippings, small plants, and small branches should be put in the container. Please do not place dirt, sod, rocks, landscaping timbers, or household garbage in the container.

Items such as landscaping timber and rock, construction debris, sod, dirt, railroad ties, and boulders are too large for a normal garbage pickup must be phoned in to Waste Management for a special pickup. There will be a nominal charge for these items.

The green/blue container is for recycling. This cart will be emptied by Waste Management every two weeks, on the same day as your normal waste pickup.

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